Why do we only remember Paris

In de naam van Allah, de Barmhartige, de Genadevolle


Why do we only remember Paris

Iraq, Syria, Beirut, Jemen, the West forget all their terrible bearings


Why do we only remember Paris

Did you forget the massacre of spyker in Iraq, why are you so selfish


Every life and pain, is worthy to remember

When war happens far away from Europe, the West thinks "whatever"


Look at the innocent victims and at the martyred bodies, isn't that worthy to remember

By ISIS we are daily martyred and only Allah is our Protector


The wahabists and salafists are the one to blame

"Islam is for terrorism", is a false claim

I thought the West could be a little smarter, what a big shame


If Paris needed one minute silence

Then the West needed at least one lesson about rightness


You are the one to blame

Hearing Syria asking four years for help, but no one ever came

Now it is too late, so please don't complain


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